Picket Line

"Picket Line" (To see more images, "click" on photo) New this year is "Picket Line". This work was inspired by the Big Horn Mountain Trail Ride, which I enjoyed in July 2018. It is a 100 man only, invitational trail ride covering different parts of the Big Horn Mountains. In 2018 we followed the trails, and sometimes not, territory in the northern most region of the Big Horns’. The Ride has celebrated over 60 years, covering the Big Horn Mountain Range north to south. Each rider’s horse, as well as those of the Wranglers, are picketed on a long steel cable, over 100 horses all in a single line. Historically this practice was used, on a smaller scale, on trail drives, hunting camps and the like to secure horses at night along the trail. The horse is tied to the line with a bowline knot, and saddled, ready for the morning ride. A stray saddle with rain slicker and blanket is also depicted on the ground, as well as the horse’s bridle hung on the support post. “Picket Line” is cast in bronze with a contrasting brown patina. I measures 15 X 22 inches. The edition is limited to 30 castings, and the price is $ 4,200. We hope to see you here this summer at the Studio along Fish Creek in Wilson and see this work first hand, as well as other bronzes and works in progress in the Studio. Visit the life-size bronze sculpture garden, the 100-year-old Mortensen home and historic GP Bar Ranch guest cabin. Please call me with any questions you have, and to reserve your bronze casting of “Picket Line”.

February 25, 2022 – January 14, 2023

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