"Grizzly Trail Blazer - 399"

Last year’s work “Legacy of Grizzly 399” was very well received, with only three castings left from the limited edition of 30. New for 2022 is a sand cast bas-relief bronze casting of our celebrated Grizzly 399 and her four cubs, and is titled “Grizzly Trail Blazer - 399” . This remarkable bear is now 27 years old and it is thought to have raised 17 cubs to date. She spent most of the summer beneath the Tetons in her familiar territory around Pilgrim Creek. I was very fortunate to see them twice in the past year, once in the spring in their home territory of Pilgrim Creek, and again in the fall just outside Jackson on East Gros Venture Butte. As winter closed in, the family returned to their den for the winter. They appeared on schedule this spring out of hibernation, with all four of her off-spring, returning to the Pilgrim Creek area to soon go off in to the world on their own. “Grizzly Trail Blazer - 399” measures 7 X 40 inches, with a limited edition of 50 patinaed bronze bas-relief castings, and is available for $ 1,450. We hope to see you here this summer at the Studio along Fish Creek in Wilson. See this work first hand, as well as other bronzes and works in progress in the Studio. Visit the life-size bronze sculpture garden, the 100-year-old Mortensen home and historic GP Bar Ranch guest cabin. Please call me with any questions you have, and to reserve your bronze casting of “Grizzly Trail Blazer – 399”. (To see more images click on photo)

March 4, 2022

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