"Treasures of the Navajo"

"Treasures of the Navajo" (to see more images, click on photo) New for 2022 is "Treasures of the Navajo". This work depicts some of the many treasures of the Navajo Indians. These include their horses, shown as the primary focus of the piece with the bust of a typical Navajo pony, as well as a bas-relief of a horse on the base. On another side is a bas-relief of their Churro four horned sheep, which were introduced by the Spanish in the 1500's, and draped across the top is a woven textile of a Navajo horse blanket. These hardy sheep with coarse, multi-colored wool have been preferred by the Navajo for over 200 years. Their skill as silversmiths is also shown in the historic silver Navajo headstall, with real turquoise set into the headstall, along with a Spanish ring bit, and a classic silver concho belt, with turquoise stones depicted in bronze, is draped across the top of the base. Another treasure of the Navajo is their land itself , across Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, and is symbolized by a bas-relief of the "Mittens" in Monument Valley on the base. "Treasures of the Navajo" is cast in bronze with a multi-colored patina designed to highlight each part of the piece. It measures 16 x 7 inches, the edition is limited to 30 castings, and the price is $3,800.

February 25, 2022 – February 25, 2023

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